The brief for the Molewa competition increativersal in Ruichang, Jiangxi was to create 20 architecturally significant, flower themed townhouses, for a new city overlooking an ocean of blooms. The design had to be sustainable, so these buildings have their own ecosystem, giving energy and breathing life back in to the environment. Anthelia was inspired by our Australian heritage and the underwater flowers of The Great Barrier Reef.

All interiors are double height, 180m2 spaces, maximising natural light. Acting as respiration for Anthelia, we utilised a hydronic system and ground-coupled heat exchanger, with water loops throughout providing heat and cooling systems. Combined with photovoltaics, rainwater collection and careful specification, we would meet Passive House and LEED certification standards. The common landscaped areas contain reflective pools and a photovoltaic tree canopy. These solar ‘trees’ were drawn from the reef’s Mushroom Coral. Not only beautiful but functional designs, the trunks are covered in a vertical garden and provide light at night. They actively harvest water and bring in enough energy for all 20 homes and the club house.

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