379-383 GEORGE ST


Chandelier, an object of luxury. Foating within the space to draw its visitors in and above.

The central piece, surrounded by a glass facade acts as a display piece, glowing in grandeur. This central piece seduces and invites its consumers into the space. By locating the retail on the second level the stores distance themselves from the immediate tangibility with the consumers and display a representation of reserved luxury. From the Strand Arcade, one is able to draw a visual line across the street, viewing the foyer as an extension of the shopping precinct, and creating a sense of arrival.
As space itself is a luxury, it is the intention to open up the height and allows it to be a grand space, reinforcing the object of desire as an object on display. When the consumer enters the stores they also become a part of the display, and expose themselves to the street below.  Simultaneously, as consumers enter the stores they themselves are to feel on display with direct visual exposure to the street and surrounding buildings. The experience of shopping becomes the event.
The internal core emanates richness with shimmer.  Revealing, a World inside a world. At night the whole place changes, chandelier lights the whole of George Street, shimmering light across the street creating a vibe of elegancy.
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