103-109 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills

Site area: 393m2
Number of Apartments: 18
Retail: 95m2

This exciting residential mixed use development is located in the heart of Surry Hills, only walking distance from Central Station.

With balconies overlooking Foveaux Street, this development utilises efficiency in space planning, making the most of boutique apartments with linear circulation paths.

The balconies are created through combination of glass and laser cut screen balustrading which assists in breaking up the fa├žade and generating clearly articulated apartments. Furthermore, the laser cut screens create a dynamic interplay with the northwest sun as it fills the balconies with patterns of light.

a+ design group have embraced the verticality of the building as it integrates seamlessly with its surrounding context, blending in with the terrace housing typology in Surry Hills.


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