This project is about the aesthetics of interconnection and layering, displaying a story of a forgotten infill site, attempts to rebuild, and reconnect the street wall along the main street of Princes Highway. The landscaped open space has a north-easterly aspect to best capture the sun into the residents open space above the podium as well as the private courtyards, creating a perception of an open parkland with amenities for residents to enjoy a lifestyle retreat – a truly urban living.

The expansion of the retail component at ground level provides a generous spatial capacity for pedestrian usage by activating and rejuvenating the Princes Highway frontage. The residential levels above take into consideration of the environmental concerns and have been designed to achieve the highest levels of solar access and cross ventilation. The challenge of achieving an acoustic buff er for the apartments fronting Princes Highway has been addressed through the detailing of the balcony screening, the vertical green walls and planter boxes, which have collaboratively promised to deliver a novel and eff ective solution.