83-89 Chandos Street, St Leonards (T2)

83-89 Chandos Street, St Leonards (T2)

Site area: 1,157m2
Number of apartments: 42
Retail: 800m2

Balancing tenderly on the precipice of a mixed use and residential zone, this development bends to both worlds by offering a sensitive design solution in the middle.

The residential component at ground level mimics the behaviour of traditional terrace houses, whose forms have been rejuvenated with a modern edge. Each apartment has its street presence and landscaped garden to allow for the indulgence of space.

Apartments on upper levels have their own balconies and terraces to capture an internal landscaped environment within and to further conceptualise on the notion of liveable green.

a+ design group have developed a distinct identity for this building through the unique facade that wraps around, displaying not only light and shadow but also offers privacy and visual stimulation to the eye. Seen from across the street this building glistens as a unique urban art form. The architecture and artwork are integrated to provide an iconic piece of art that reinforces a sense of place.

The innovative facade invites vibrancy into the streetscape and re-energises the area by delivering a visual package that varies in appearance, reacting to the users within. The internal environment also becomes enriched by the ever-changing filtering light, seducing the user into the feeling that one is walking through a sunlit forest; it calms, protects, nurtures and rejuvenates, whilst remaining in connection with the active street life below.

This building is designed not only for its occupants; this building has been designed for the community; to develop a sense of place and to instigate social gathering and activities.


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