9-11 Atchison Street, St Leonards (T1)

Site area: 705m2
Number of apartments: 48
Retail: 800m2 retail

Enhancing the current spirit of St Leonards as a bustling, flexible and progressive community, the new design of T1 continues to encapsulate that spirit in the urban context.
‘T1′ is an experimentation of a new dynamic sculptural form, taking on the concept of a ‘ribbon’. This sculptural appearance of the form uplifts the textural qualities of the surrounding area and captures on the qualities of light, shadow, repetition and movement.
Inside each apartment, a+ design group offer living spaces that are enveloped by floor to ceiling glazing, creating spaces that are light and open. Vertical green wall and louvred screens are used to dress the facade, and provide an animated, and exciting addition to the building.


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