Backpackers Accommodation, Barcelona

Backpackers Accommodation, Barcelona

The concept of this backpackers accommodation is to provide an architectural platform that unlocks the secret, the language and the culture of City of Barcelona.  a+ design group brings the city into the fabric of the building through use of reflections and voids, maximising backpackers’ engagement to the new city.

Each communal vertical plaza directs toward an iconic landmark in Barcelona.  The distance to the iconic landmark is represented by volume of the built form, thus the building becomes virtually a vertical map.

At night the building alternates.  The mirrored facade transforms from a building and glows into a beacon of the landscape.

This building is a landmark of all landmarks of Barcelona.  Visitors come to experience its 360o views of the city from within, but also to read its façade as a constant dynamic exhibition of the City of Barcelona.


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