Roots of Venice 2070, Evolo Competition

It is estimated that Venice will be completely underwater by year 2070.

The design concept is about creating an eco-energy platform that generates renewable energy to allow for the habitation of the city underwater.

In the time of history, architecture has always been about providing shelter for people in their environment, expressing the inspiration of its people through architectural form.

a+ design group propose to extend and challenge this conventional role of architecture by creating architecture that is more than self-sufficient, and also providing a platform to allow the city to evolve and continue its life – underwater.

The expression of the architectural form takes the shape of tree roots, drawing energy from the ground to generate electricity and drinking water for the city.

This tower will serve as a place of arrival and departure for both air and water terminals for Venice 2070.  It will also encompass hotel, retail and exhibition facilities for tourists and visitors.

Our city of Venice may one day be gone from the surface, but our roots will remain deep in the ground, where our legacy will live on and forever prosper.


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