A+ Design Group are delighted to be recognized as Gold Winner in the Urban Design Category at the 2018 Sydney Design Awards. This award celebrates creativity and innovation in the process of designing and shaping cities, towns and villages, and is about making connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric.

Taking a page out of Ridley Scotts 1982 Classic, Blade Runner, A+ Design Group have been engaged by Mulpha Norwest as “Futurist thinkers” with a view to conceive a new way of life, where technological and environmental advancements have freed us from our everyday constraints and to imagine life in a city where anything is possible.

Driven with the desire to believe in a place where the impossible becomes possible, the team delved deeply into what ultimately lies ahead for us all. From housing to transport, clothing to communication, the environment, social interaction, built form, materials and the basis of physics as we understand them today were challenged with a view to how they will influence the way we live.

The Mulpha Future City looks to the future in order to inform the present, inspired by the possibility of a city where we work, live and play, connecting us physically, spiritually and emotionally, free from constraint – where imagination rules and possibilities are infinite.
We would like to thank Mulpha Norwest for this opportunity which allowed us to get creative. The brief eliminated technical boundaries and limitations of the present so we could freely explore possibilities and opportunities of the future.