84-92 Epsom Road, Zetland

The Gunyama Residence forms part of the Green Square, Zetland urban renewal program.

The architectural language for all three buildings is deduced by the area’s Aboriginal name; Gunyama, meaning wind. We were inspired by the effect wind has on nature, like the patterns it creates as it passes around an object. The horizontal curvilinear balconies have a sculptural dynamism, reminiscent of rippling sand or wind moving through reeds. The free, flowing nature of this form offers dynamic modelling of the fa├žade and a substantial degree of sun shading to the fenestration.

Immediately adjacent the Gunyama aquatic centre and sports park we created a landmark ten storey building and two smaller buildings to the East.

These buildings are joined by sky-bridges and are opened up to retail on the ground level, adding a general buzz to the area. Roof spaces have also been considered and are designed as linking gardens with terraces, for residents to enjoy as intimate green spaces. In the lower buildings, lobbies are bathed in sunlight and add to the communal meeting spaces.