High Range, Bowral

Site area: 10ha
Residence area: 853m2
4 bed, 1 office, 2 bath, 3 car space
Completed: August 2012

A rural setting, a farm house, a family home.
a+ design group have crafted this residence as a natural extension of the environment. This design blurs the line between interior and exterior spaces by incorporating landscaping and strategically weaving green spaces between living spaces.

Exhibiting its location along Morning Valley, this design incorporates features such as high windows and timber frames to capture the picturesque valley vistas, and promoting the site’s natural beauty.

Captured in the interior design is an exclusive arrival experience, a central living and dining space with panoramic views of Morning Valley. A traditional central fire hearth not only adds to the luxury of the residence, but also creates a striking geometric form. Featuring separate living spaces designed for a morning and sunset setting, as well as ensuites and dressing rooms to all bedrooms, this design caters for the optimum lifestyle of the occupants.


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