Jingxin Hotel and Club House, Harbin

Jingxin Hotel and Club House, Harbin

Number of rooms: 300
Conference facilities: 400 seats

The design for the Jingxin Hotel and Club House in Harbin is inspired by the soft layering of the mountains surrounding the site. The top of the mountains weave gently into the skyline, softly disappearing from sight as the distance progresses. The constant layering and the gradual fading of the mountains become reminiscent of the gentle flow of water changing shape with movement.

The hotel rises as a built form within the mountains floating on water. As visitors move up for arrival, water flows down and circulates through a pool. The arrival experience dissolves in the beauty of nature and as a three dimensional visual rather than a two dimensional representation.

a+ design group present individuality of each villa in four changing seasons, which are set to strengthen the visitors’ relationship with the mountains.


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