8,270m² site area   | 80 apartments  | 9,800m² retail  | 1,500m² conference facilities

The “Coogee Village” concept reinforces and builds upon the identity of Coogee. The proposed massing promotes public spaces and laneways that are attractive, safe, uncluttered and work effectively for all in the community.

The retention of the existing heritage “pub” and beer garden ensures the preservation of a historical landmark but conserves the character of the town centre.

The offering of an array of mixed uses to this unique site gives the opportunity to provide a more contemporary variety of foods and beverages, whilst also providing much needed mixed uses to Coogee.

This urban village maximises outlook to Coogee Beach, delivers significant sunlight and provides high levels of living amenity.

Overall this concept provides a vision for Coogee, it contains the characteristics of a blueprint for a sustainable, viable future that caters for the needs and growth of Coogee Village.