Solent Circuit, Baulkham Hills

The project centres around the philosophy of ‘Happiness’ and through considered architectural and landscape response evokes the imagination and unlimited possibility that exists in all of us. Articulated through a sleek and dynamic sculptural butterfly roof that hovers seemingly effortlessly over a series of pavilions, evoking notions of freedom, of choice, of happiness. An innovative and exciting sales suite, café, library, learning and educational facility are all sheltered under this roof, opening outwards in an inclusive and welcoming manner. Innovation to the project came from the philosophical approach to the problem, rather than the practical and more obvious solution to provide a ‘bricks and mortar’ approach. Analysing and truly understanding the deep and fundamental connection between the developer, their values, and the home owner and a development that enhances connections between individuals, strengthens the family unit and ultimately lead to ‘Happiness’ was the basis of the ‘Butterfly’ – Mulpha House.