Adapt Competition, New York City

Site area: 440m2
Number of apartments: 55
Retail: 90m2

a+ design group present a robust and dynamic design for a new housing development in Manhattan, New York City, which responds to the site and also meets the needs of community.

The notion of taking geometry from a grid and creating a building which is ambiguous and unexpected gives this scheme its beauty, as one can only truly appreciate the nature of this building in three dimensions.  Each module is stacked over one another, and rotated along two central axes, manifesting from the two major viewpoints to surrounding parks.  As the two axes overlap at certain points, it opens up pockets of intimate gardens.  Light is spilled and shared across these pockets of space, also creating an open rhythm of solid and void.

This project harmoniously integrates structure with outdoor living.  It is about creating a new living development of micro habitats by reducing each apartment into its simplest form and building in a busy district an urban oasis within.


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