Situated 1km from Central Station in the Sydney CBD sits a very tired looking hotel, with poor signage, no clear entry point, and unrelated retail, (covered by a misaligned awning).

Being so close to the centre of this major city, this site offered the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful hotel. The regeneration of this area has just begun and the new Parkview Hotel will add to the re-invigoration of Glebe and Broadway. The proposal will be 5 storeys high, topped with a roof garden, bar, lounge and swimming pool. 89 luxurious rooms will service the vicinity, providing accommodation for travellers, business people and locals.

Ground floor retail will activate Broadway pedestrian access and the main entry will be celebrated with a large raised awning.
Underground parking will be accessible for lower ground pedestrian access, as well as strategically place the car park entry behind the main road via Grose Street, in order to provide a safer and less congested traffic solution.

The palette and facade have been designed to mirror the historical warehouse feel of this area, whilst emphasising a New York apartment vibe. The materiality is brickwork and glass, enhanced by balanced window proportions and a massing that has been broken down into two harmonious parts. Aesthetically the overall appearance has been drawn from the surrounding neighbourhood and heritage facades, a modern twist in an original streetscape.