Ideas on Edge Competition, Parramatta

Ideas on Edge Competition, Parramatta

Site area: 2.2ha
Number of rooms: 200

a+ design group, in collaboration with award winning Aboriginal artist, Danny Eastwood, present a vision of creating a vibrant Parramatta riverfront through recreational use, Aboriginal heritage, local art and culture.

The competition called on people all over the world to present an innovative, bold and creative vision for the development of a site covering 2.2 hectare, located on the edge of Parramatta River, with views to Parramatta Park, Old Kings School, and the historic Lennox Bridge.

Central to Parramatta’s vision is to create a precinct that leverages on the site’s waterfront exposure, river activation and viability for a commercial development.

The design derives from the language of the past, drawing inspiration from Aboriginal art, and combined with world class technology and ESD principles, to create a vision that is contemporary and modern, a venue that celebrates the values of Western Sydney, and contributes to the revitalisation of Parramatta.

a+ design group were awarded as one of the finalists in the competition.


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