9-11 Atchinson Street, St Leonards

T1 is an experimentation of a new dynamic sculptural form, taking the concept from a gymnast’s ribbon. This dynamic appearance lifts the building fabric and extracts textural elements from the surrounding area to capture the qualities of light, shadow, repetition and movement. This mixed use tower was created to enhance the current spirit of St Leonards as a bustling, flexible and progressive community.

The Sydney market demands a more imaginative and fresh approach to the aesthetic of the building. The modulation is carried out in three parts, firstly by separating the 800m2 of retail at ground level and then splitting the 48 residential apartments in to two separate features. The lower dwellings defining a base for the streetscape and the higher residences being stylised with waves and overlooking the distant view.

This economically driven innovation of using modulated pre-cast balconies also meant that we could use a much smaller light weight crane, thus cutting building costs. By devising these seemingly minimum changes we affected maximum impact in terms of design, development cost, price and now coveted apartments.