Site area: 1,906m2
Number of apartments: 6

The Pavilions on Heath Street, Mona Vale are only minutes away from the Mona Vale Beach and Golf Club, taking in all the peace and tranquillity the beach has to offer.

The approach to this design takes the area’s naturalistic surroundings into account whilst delivering a development which embodies strong and robust forms. a+ design group have created two timber clad wings, divided by a central thoroughfare. This allows the buildings to breathe and also creates through-site links from the rear of the development to the beach.

The use of timber panels enhances the surroundings, creating the effect of the buildings blending into the forest of trees. Operable louvered panels add to the nature of the horizontal vision whilst creating privacy for occupants.

Internally, the generous double storey built form boasts a media room, view driven ensuites and three large bedrooms. This development provides true luxury for those seeking a waterfront habitat.

Completion: 2014