282-284 Victoria Ave, Chatswood

Chatswood, being identified as a strategic centre in Sydney’s wider Global Economic Corridor provides the opportunity for greater employment, affordable housing, community facilities and public open space. A new metro station at Chatswood, coupled with the existing heavy rail station will significantly increase accessibility to and from the Precinct.

Currently there is a high level of demand for open space, affordable housing and community facilities close to major transit hubs. This reinforces established patterns city wide where zoning of higher density development closer to major business and public transport hubs is the norm, in turn reducing the impact on city infrastructure and reducing traffic loads on local road networks.

The subject site is located on the eastern end of the Chatswood precinct forming a gateway position and defining the entrance to Chatswood and connecting the retail centre, major and boutique offers through the Chatswood rail and bus interchange to the Chatswood CBD. It is one of the few sites within the town centre that has the quality and locality to transform the urban experience of Chatswood CBD. The planning proposal seeks to increase the height control and floor space ratio, which will position the subject site to fully contribute in realising the Chatswood CBD Planning and Urban Design Strategy and the wider objectives of the GSC’s Metropolitan Strategy ‘A Plan for Growing Sydney’.

The improved public amenity provided by 282-284 Victoria Avenue will positively contribute to the desire for the provision of new homes and housing choice, open space and social infrastructure.