One of a+ design group’s biggest strengths is strategic architecture. We can by thoroughly analyse your product or site, helping to create its highest and best use. Using the following key tactics and positioning we can assist in greater results:

  • Repositioning and/or Land Rezoning
  • Negotiations with statutory authorities and agencies
  • Precinct and Site Master Planning
  • Voluntary Planning Agreements
  • Urban and Interior Spatial Planning
  • Refurbishment
  • Strata Titling or Redevelopment
  • Infrastructure Provisions

Complex development applications and legislative restrictions are turned into positive opportunities. We’re adept at identifying, acquiring, managing and refurbishing assets across the country with most work converging in Sydney and Brisbane. Our developments across Australia have mutually benefited the communities, investors, architects and construction experts alike. The core team have a vast pool of knowledge to pull from and they look to align this with the current property market, to guide your project to the best possible outcome.